It is a privilege and honor to be elected president of the Bangladesh College of Physicians and Surgeons. The college has earned its reputation nationally and internationally and enriched itself with heritage. This has been possible because of my successful predecessors who had performed diligently to upkeep and uplift the college to a height enviably chased by others. We have to go forward with the needs of the present century with reference to professional development.

The primary role of the college has been with the task of producing skilled man power and advancing post graduate medical education and practice in the country. It plays a great role through a wide range of activities directed to orient of the incumbents to higher education, certification of fellowship and membership to the college, at per with the similar colleges and medical institutes of the region.

During the last decades, the college earned its reputation for producing fellows and members who have been providing most of the specialty services in almost all disciplines in the health care services in Bangladesh. A good number of fellows are working abroad with dignity and honor in their respective specialty.

The examination committee is entrusted with the responsibility of keeping international standard of postgraduate medical education and evaluation. The committee and the council from time to time update the evaluation system of the college. To keep the standard of examination up to mark, examiners from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, United Kingdom and other countries are always invited.

The college undertakes the responsibilities and operates the activities through the statutory committees and faculties in respect of infrastructure development and promotion of teaching and training. The professional development and keeping up the international standard for the fellows is another objective of the college. The various skills, coming up in recent years, are being continuously acquired and being added to the updated curriculum.With quality remaining in the heart, the college has been an undisputed leader in the field of quality medical care. As such a practicable, valid and reliable method of assessment assumes a central place in our certifying role. In deed we require more attention in our efforts in this direction.

Fortunately, we have perceptive and perseverant electorate and very prospective and resolute house of fellows and the members along with a host of well- wishers and friends who intends to join our hands in our journey in the future. "Planned changes" as it is called and "Total quality management" are now the orders of the day. Our dreams about the college shall come true if we fast-fasten ourselves to our college. Looking forward to brighter tomorrow.

Professor Kanak Kanti Barua