It's a great responsibility for being holding the post of Honorary Secretary of Bangladesh College of Physicians and Surgeons (BCPS). The Secretary of the College is the Chief Executive of the college. So it's a great responsibility. Since its inceptionin in 1972 the college has expanded much not only in the worlk load but also in expenditure. The college not only holds the Fellowship and membership examinations but also conduct training programs on basic surgical skills, dissertation writing & guiding, training monitoring, Assessment, IT, BLS, ACLS and other soft skills to make their products fitted to the needs of the country. At the same time college is also conscious about the global issues of the specialists. Fellows of the college still feeding the main stream of medical education and specialist health care service for the country but also working with name and fame in various parts of the world notable Middle - East, UK and USA. Without compromising the quality, the college has proved to be the undisputed leader in the field of quality medical care for the country. This college is such a unique college that it has got no class room, no teacher of its own. But most of the medical institutes are its class room. All the teachers there are its teachers. The college is runned by a council elected by the fellows. All of them used to give honorary service to the college. The executive committee, Reference committee, Finance committee, Examination committee and Exam department, Research Training Monitoring Department, Medical Education cell including many other committees consisted by the fellows are all doing their jobs efficiently to help the council for smoother running of the college & to uphold the dignity of the college. The strength of the college is that all the fellows feel honored to give voluntary service to the college. The faculties of all discipline are always engaged in updating the curriculum, training monitoring, maintaining the standard of assessment and evaluation process.

We know the expectation of the fellows to the college is very high. We appreciate it. Though we have got resource constrain but we are not poor. We are rich in contribution, rich in commitment, rich in honesty and sincerity.

No doubt we need and should wish a bright future for our fellows and members. Whatever challenges had to face, BCPS had never compromise its quality. We believe in quality and not quantity. BCPS has been empowered by law with the responsibility of promoting specialist practice. So BCPS will continue to produce skilled specialists with humatarian quality and safe for the society.

We look forward with confidence for a brighter future.

Professor Md. Abdul Jalil Chowdhury
Honorary Secretary